Alloy Orchestra

Alloy Orchestra is a three-man musical ensemble that performs live accompaniment that its members have written expressly for classic silent films. Working with an outrageous assemblage of peculiar objects, Terry Donahue (junk, accordion, musical saw, vocals), Roger Miller (keyboards), and Ken Winokur (director, junk percussion, clarinet) thrash and grind soulful music from unlikely sources.

An unusual combination of found percussion and state-of-the-art electronics gives the Orchestra the ability to create any sound imaginable. Utilizing their famous "rack of junk" and electronic synthesizers, the group generates beautiful music in a spectacular variety of styles. Founded 20 years ago, Alloy has composed scores for numberous feature-length silent films and shorts. The group has helped revive some of the great masterpieces of the silent era by touring extensively, commissioning new prints, and collaborating with archives, collectors, and curators.

Alloy Orchestra will accompany A Page of Madness (Saturday, June 3 at 9:30 pm) and The Lost World (Sunday, June 4 at 4:00 pm)