“The San Francisco Silent Film Festival is an extraordinary event in both its purism for the buff and its accessibility for the curious. Exceptionally well curated, held at a spectacular venue, and featuring amazing music, the festival made my jaw drop. I’m a lifer!” 
–Alexander Payne, director
"What emulsion fiends we are at this delirious festival, where we sprawl out, nitrate-addicted, beneath the pleasure dome of the Castro, to seeor dream ofthe silvery ectoplasms that disport themselves in the dark. My favorite event of the year." 
–Guy Maddin, director
"We at Pixar Animation Studios stand on the shoulders of the amazing filmmaking pioneers that came before us. See their films the way they were meant to be seen—with an audience!—at the SF Silent Film Festival!"
–Pete Docter, director
"The SFSFF consistently manages to select films that are first-rate works of art for their programs. They show these films the way they were originally intended to be seen, on a big screen and accompanied by live music, so their artistry and power are not diminished. Attending one of their screenings is a high-quality experience that often sticks with me for years."
–Terry Zwigoff, director
"The San Francisco Silent Film Festival is in a class by itself: a feast for lovers of classic film and live music that is as elaborate, ambitious, and masterfully mounted as any I've seen."
–Leonard Maltin, author
"I'm devoted to the Silent Film Festival. When the Castro is packed and there's a live orchestra playing, I don't think there's a better film-going experience in this town."
–David Thomson, author
“For a flat-out good time, no festival in the Bay Area can match it."
–Michael Fox, Fox on Film