Goona Goona

Photograph by Pamela Gentile

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Musicians from the Balinese-style Gamelan Sekar Jaya join with members of Club Foot Orchestra to form CLUB FOOT GAMELAN. Founded in San Francisco in 1979, Sekar Jaya has been called "the finest Balinese gamelan outside of Indonesia" by the Jakarta-based Tempo Magazine and this year is under the direction of guest musician I Nyoman Windha, widely regarded as Bali's greatest living composer. The Bay Area-based Clubfoot Orchestra has composed and performed for silent films since the 1980s. Composer Richard Marriott conducted his original score for Goona Goona.

SEKAR JAYA: I Nyoman Windha (gamelan, voice), I Dewa Berata (gamelan, voice), Marianna Cherry (gamelan), Carla Fabrizio (gamelan, cello), Samuel Wantman (gamelan), Sarah Willner (gamelan, viola)
CLUB FOOT ORCHESTRA: Alisa Rose (violin), Beth Custer (clarinet), Chris Grady (trumpet), Richard Marriott (winds, conductor)